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A selection of our Client’s Feedback:


During the summer break my daughter who is a 11th grade student at a high school in the USA was visiting grandparents in New Delhi and underwent SAT coaching in maths from Mr Brij Kumar tutor of NewDelhiTutors.com (a unit of GurgaonTutor.com).  Mr Brij proved to be an excellent teacher and helped my daughter enormously in understanding and practicing the entire SAT math over an approximately 6 week period. The coaching was done in a one-on-one manner at the grandparents home.  Each session was 90 minutes long and Mr Brij made sure it was well organized and structured, with abundance of material both in the class and for homework.  There were daily practice worksheets and frequent quizzes. Mr Brij also showed a number of custom formulas, and gave tips and shortcuts.  In our experience we found Mr Brij to be a very sincere and hardworking teacher who measures his success by the success of his students. My daughters grasp of concepts and confidence in the subject has undergone a significant change — it was a summer well spent in India, thanks to Mr Brij Kumar. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Brij Kumar to others.

A few words of praise also for NewDelhiTutors.com.  We found them on our own through google search.  They were very quick to respond to our inquiry’s.  They understood our needs quickly and worked diligently to find the right tutors from their database that would match our requirements. Mr. Brij Kumar came through them. I would recommend NewDelhiTutors.com to others and would use them again myself if we need any further help in future.

Shashi Sethi
Minnesota, USA

I want to express my sincere thanks to Gurgaon Tutor.com for the service they provide.I am very much happy with the tutor from your agency.He works hard with my son and teaches in an interesting way.

Sonia Basu,South City Part I,Gurgaon

“Recently we hired a tutor from your agency for our daughter’s preparation for GMAT test.Brij Sir has done very well for helping my daughter to achieve a very good score in GMAT exam.Thanks”

Mrs. Radha Malik,Sector 31,Gurgaon

“Gurgaon Tutor.com has helped my son to pass Class XII Board exam with good marks both in Maths and Physics.I am thankful to Brij sir and your agency for timely support.”

Mr Rajnish Bansal,DLF Phase III,Gurgaon

“Thanks to you(Gurgaon Tutor.com) for arranging a good tutor of maths for SAT exam of my daugher.Your tutor is dedicated and committed.He has worked with complete patience for full two months period with my daugher giving lot of assignments, notes, simpls techniques and formula sheet.I express many thanks to your teacher Brij Sir.”

Anita Goel,Sushant Lok,Part I,Gurgaon

”Rahul sir is very good tutor.He teaches me Maths very well.I like his style of solving maths sums.Same sum but different methods,Rahul sir uses.”Aparna Sachdeva,DLF Phase IV,Gurgaon

”I tried many tutors for Maths of IB syallbus in Delhi.No body helped my son with IB Syllabus except,Gurgaon Tutor.com who has provided really an excellent tutor(Mr.Brij) for my son for Maths and Physics both.Many thanks to Gurgaon Tutor.com for their help”

Aradhna Gupta,Saket,New Delhi

“Accept my sincere thanks for providing a good tutor,Mr Amit who has taught computer( C &C++) programming to my daughter.”

Deepti Khosla,Sector 31,Gurgaon

“It is very difficult to search a good tutor on time.After trying hard I finally got a home tutor arranged through Gurgaon Tutor.com.My son who is in class VII has not been doing well in Maths and Scinece.With the help of Mr Brij he has started doing fine and he has also developed more interest in studies.Really Gurgaon Tutor.com is an excellent tutoring service provider in Gurgaon NCR”.

Dev Dutt Chaudhary,Sushant Lok,Gurgaon

“I want to express my thanks to Gurgaon Tutor,for arranging a good Maths teacher for my son who is in IX class.Mr Abhishek sir is a competent tutor of Maths.”Raj Kumar,Pitampura

“Rahul sir is a great teacher of English.He has worked hard with my daughter to improve her score in English.Credit goes to Gurgaon Tutor.com for arranging such a nice and reliable teacher.”

Anil Yadav ,DLF V,Gurgaon

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